Membership charges

Charges 2017 - £20.00 per plot

New members will be expected to pay a full years charges no matter when in the year they take on their new plot.
The charges apply to each plot irrespective of the size.
We keep costs low by keeping things simple, help us to do this by paying on time and doing your bit to be part of a community.
Membership  charges are due on 1st November each year and should be paid at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on the first Saturday in November.
A surcharge of £5 will be applied on any charges still outstanding by the 30th November.
Plots not fully paid for by 31st December will be deemed forefeit and may be re-let without further notice.
Please send cheques made payable to “Loughton Parochial Charities”  to the chairman:
Jan Boucek
26 The Summit
IG10 1SW