General Information

Established in 1813 and extended in 1817.

The Lady of the Manor, Ann Whitaker, and the Forest Court granted Revd. Anthony Hamilton six acres of forest waste so that the poor inhabitants of Loughton could grow potatoes and vegetables for the improvement of their families. These allotments have been in existence for nearly two hundred years and are the oldest in Essex. They may be the only ones in the country in continual existence for all that time.

It is a wonderful place on a south facing slope with good soil and growing conditions and the best view in Loughton. It is a great way to keep fit and healthy. Plot holders are very friendly and always willing to give advice if you are new to allotment growing. You could grow vegetables and fruit on these same allotments today. Don't be put off by stories of long waiting lists, plots are frequently becoming available. Why not give it a try? Interested in growing your own vegetables? Want more information?

Brian Smith our expert plotter has provided a guide for new plotters and will take you through the challenge of a new plot as he works on his new plot this winter.

Please contact any of the following who may be able to help:

Gill Cooper

Membership Secretary
Sandra Geraghty